Moroccan craft

Moroccan decoration through the gatehouse

The Moroccan tagine

Moroccan decoration through the gatehouse

The clay is first kneaded and then mounted on a lathe. After a first firing, the paint is applied and then the second firing allows the enameling. In Moroccan decoration, the colors and shapes are very diverse depending on the object made.

Moroccan decoration through the gatehouse, Moroccan crafts, copper, Moroccan tourism info
The cities of the Moroccan gatehouse
Morocco is the land of pottery. Several large cities such as Safi, Fes, Rabat have made it their specificity. This craft is often a man’s job, the color of the clay varies depending on the place of exploitation: it can be white or red.

The cities of the Moroccan gatehouse, Moroccan gatehouse, Moroccan crafts, Morocco tourism info
The organic and ecological gatehouse of Morocco
There is an exception in the manufacture of pottery in Morocco, the pottery made in the RIF in the north of this country. This pottery is made by women artisans with an ancestral technique, completely different. The potters climb the red clay coils, that is to say without a tower.

This rural pottery contains no varnish or paint and has exceptional properties, it is healthy (since there is no varnish), 100% clay. Videos on the making of a terracotta dish The cooking of these pottery is done in traditional ovens, each family has its oven, the loading of an oven is a long and studious operation, the cooking lasts about 12 hours because it takes let the oven cool before emptying it. Videos on cooking terracotta dishes. The tagines or cooking dishes made in this way allow slow, healthy, tasty, simple cooking with an undisputed flavor. Lhadara imports and resells these tagines and terracotta cooking dishes, they are found in many organic stores in France.

The Moroccan tagine

The most common of Moroccan pottery is undoubtedly the tagine, but also the traditional Moroccan ashtray with its ball shape, the dishes of Safi, the dishes from Fez, or Rabat.

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